Always wanted to speak French? Make it come true by joining us!

Do you dream of saying, “je parle français”? If so, is the time now to say “oui” and learn French in Sydney today at The French Learning Institute!

Here at The French Learning Institute, we take your French learning seriously! By joining us, You will get French language classes in Sydney CBD where your teachers are native French speakers, your French classes are small and intimate to make sure you can speak French from day 1!

  • Join a class with a maximum of 8 students!

    • No crowded classes of 12 students or more!

  • Speak French from day 1!

    • During each class you get plenty of space to practice your French!

  • Learn with a professional teacher who is a French native.

    • You deserve the best team to help you to reach your goal!

  • Get proven results from a structured curriculum where you will learn according to CECR requirements. 

    • Benefit a program which brings results : you speaking French!

  • Get individual support and feedback!

    • We care for your learning! Your progress is our best testimonial!

  • ENJOY a premium experience in the heart of Sydney CBD to an affordable price!

    • You deserve it!

Pick the format which suits your French learning the best :

  • Beginners French lessons - with a maximum of eight students in a class.

  • One-to-One classes with a French native tutor

  • Private French lessons for couples who wish to have a personal and tailored French learning experience.

  • French for business

  • Accelerated French Learning program

  • Ongoing French courses throughout the year

Already speak a little French and would like to take it to the next level?  Très bien! We also offer intermediate and advanced courses, as well as coordinate French speaking groups to further your French speaking fluency.

We believe in an immersive, holistic approach to learning in our French classes, which allows each student a better chance to begin thinking, speaking and writing in French. You will be able to speak French on day one of any of our French classes and lessons.

As you become comfortable in speaking French with our native speakers, it will soon become a natural flow, and not a battle for your tongue or brain!  This is due to our years of teaching in our French language school in Sydney and creating the best environment and French curriculum for you!

So if you’re ready to begin your French lessons or just curious about our courses, please contact us today so you can begin to learn French in Sydney as soon as possible!

Not sure which course or level is right for you? Get in touch!

Julie or one of our team member will answer any question you may have and guide you towards what’s the best French course for you. Message us using the form below or call us for more information. Let your French learning adventure start now!

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In the heart of the CBD, come and immerse yourself in a fun and and supportive environment. You just found a place where you can relax and create space to realise your dream! Speaking French!

We are waiting for you! Join us!