French classes

Accelerate your French learning with small group sessions

Accelerate your French learning with small group sessions. In a relax and stimulating environment you will benefit of our interactive learning. Become confident and stay motivated thanks to the dynamics of a small group of the same level as you.

NEXT BEGINNER FRENCH CLASS : Monday 30/09/2019 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Only 8 seats per class !

Why choose this COURSE?

  • The guarantee to be fluent as soon as possible ! With a small class of maximum 8 people you get plenty of time to practice your French every session! Speak from day one !

  • With our learning method through role-playing in everyday life, you will quickly learn the common vocabulary and improve your accent from week to week. Do not blush anymore by ordering a baguette, organising your holidays in France or even participating in a wine tasting!

  • Join a group of like-minded people eager to learn French. With each new lesson, discover a little more the richness of the French culture and share your passion of French language with other students who have the same objectives as you. Thanks to these classes not exceeding a total of 8 students you will benefit from the advantages of group work while having the quality of special teaching. Do not be shy and dare to make mistakes!


  • Full immersion in French with a French native qualified teacher

  • Frequency : 1 session of 1 hour 30 minutes per week for 10 weeks

  • Level : From beginner (A1) to advanced level (B2)

  • Materials required : Edito textbook + Book of exercises

Next Intake

  • Next Beginner class terms starts

On Monday 30/09/2019 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Beginner LEVEL:

  • From 30/9/19

  • From 11/11/19 to 20/12/19 (6 weeks)

Intermediate and Advanced LEVELS: 

  • From 2/9/19

  • From 30/9/19

2019 Term Dates

What you’ll learn with your beginner class:


  • Introduce yourself : name, age, nationality, where you come from…

  • Give your details : phone number, email address…

  • Ask questions

  • Talk about your city

  • Ask directions and understand an itinerary

  • Order food in a cafe or a restaurant/grocery shop/talk about food and your tastes


  • Buy clothes

  • Talk about the weather

  • Talk in the close future and the past

  • Describe your daily life

  • Ask the time

  • Propose an activity/accept it or refuse it

  • Book a table at a restaurant

  • Introduce your family Describe someone (physically and character traits)


  • Talk about your house/apartment

  • Explain a situation in your house and be able to talk to workers to fix it

  • Express preferences 

  • Book an hotel

  • Write formal emails and friendly postcards

  • Express your sensations/emotions

  • Talk about holidays

  • Explain a sickness to the doctor


  • Talk about your studies

  • Talk about your job

  • Describe your lifestyle 

  • Express your agreement/disagreement 

  • Encourage and reassure someone

  • Talk about a project

Course Outline


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